A recipe that is perfectly balanced

With a recipe that is unique, authentic and natural.

MAJAO is the result of a beautiful history, the history of a gazpacho recipe prepared with the expertise of grandmother Reyes in the kitchen of what was one of the best bars in Andalusia, leading to a product that has earned renown since 1940.

This recipe makes good use of the ingredients, taking into account the various organoleptic characteristics of each one combined with the wisdom provided by decades of preparation in a professional family kitchen located in the area that saw the creation of gazpacho.

Thanks to this know-how, MAJAO pleases both young and old, not only because of its taste, aroma and texture, but also because it is highly digestive and refreshing, with a pleasant aftertaste and low acidity in the stomach. These qualities leaves people who taste MAJAO with a strong desire to try it again, giving rise to a healthy eating habit among its consumers.

A recipe is not just ingredients and amounts. Fundamentally, it is a method, an awareness of the order in which ingredients should be used and which tools are the most suitable.

For all these reasons, MAJAO has been able to transfer the knowledge of the recipe of grandmother Reyes to the large-scale food industry, without losing the quality of a product that is so natural and home-made. To this end, we have equipped our factory with facilities and machinery that have been carefully designed to meet our demanding quality standards.

Since the above are merely words, we suggest that you try it out and tell us what you think on this page, social networks or however is easiest for you. And remember: If you are going to drink gazpacho, try to make sure it’s MAJAO, it has been and always will be El Primero [The First].